For the second straight day a Ravens player has been injured during organized team practice. This time Dennis Pitta was the one being helped off the field after suffering his third hip injury.

Pitta’s history with hip injuries is extensive and spans the course of the past four years. The tight end injured his right hip for the first time during training camp before the 2013 season. What was described as a “freak accident,” ended up sidelining Pitta for the entire season.

In 2014, Pitta was able to make a comeback but ultimately re-injured the hip during a game against the Cleveland Browns. After catching a quick check down pass from Joe Flacco, Pitta attempted to turn up field but stumbled to the ground and injured his hip without any contact.

Many people, including Pitta himself, thought that this would be the end of the tight end’s career. However, a bunch of sacrifices were made by Pitta and he was able to return to the field once again in 2016.  Not only did he start all 16 games for the first time since 2012, but Pitta also finished with a career high 86 receptions and 729 yards.

While the severity of the injury is still unknown, fans are assuming the worst. Pitta will be undergoing tests to determine the specifics. General Manager Ozzie Newsome made a statement today about the injury and expressed a great deal of sympathy for Pitta.

Whatever Pitta chooses to do from here, he will certainly have the support of fans everywhere. The 31-year-old has had to make more sacrifices than the average player just to get back on the playing field. There will always be “what if?” questions regarding his time missed in the past but Pitta has still cemented himself as one of the most memorable and important Ravens of all time. His role in the 2012 super bowl victory stands out along with his exceptional comeback performance last season.