It’s mid-July, which means that football season draws near. In just two short weeks NFL players begin to report to training camp and the preseason gets underway.

If the millions of people who play season-long fantasy football every year includes you, the time to prepare for league drafts already began. To be honest, if you failed to start preparing by now, you might already stand behind the rest of us.

If you find yourself in this situation, fear not, because you came to the right place.

So why should you trust me and come here for your fantasy related questions/advice?

In 2006, I began playing in season-long fantasy football leagues. I took it a step further in 2010, running my own leagues as well as continuing to play in leagues belonging to other people. I generally play in paid leagues consisting of 12-14 teams. My three most recent paid leagues all consisted of 12 teams. In those leagues, I finished no lower than second.

Over the last four years, in 12-team paid leagues, third place marks my average finish. I work tirelessly during the offseason and preseason to improve each year. My ultimate goal is to make a career out fantasy football. This year, I want to start branching out into new formats that I have not played before.

Put your faith in me for this upcoming season and I promise that I will not disappoint. Over the next six months, I will provide you with pre-draft insights as well as weekly articles, rankings, and so on. I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter – @Tyler_Feeser – as well this site’s account – @charmcitybw.

If you want me to answer any draft or sit/start questions, please let me know. If you’re pondering any suggestions or ideas please let me know those as well.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert nor will I at any point during the season. Expert descrived a level that I hope to get to one day, and owning the title of Lead Fantasy Analyst of Charm City Bird Watch will help me start reaching that level.

I will limit the amount of content that is posted related to daily fantasy this year. If you look for consistent daily fantasy advice you will need to look elsewhere this season. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like my opinion on any daily fantasy matters I am more than happy to provide it so please reach out.

Finally, I will fall wrong many times throughout the season. I will own up to my mistakes when I make them. It’s up to you to decide what information, stats, and so on you use. I will serve as your delivery service. Ultimately, you make the decisions. Not me.

Welcome to Charm City Bird Watch Fantasy Football 2017. Good luck this season and look for my first article, coming soon.

Image Credit: Draftkings