Podcast: Purple Painted Roundtable Episode 1

Welcome to the first Episode of Purple Painted Roundtable, a Baltimore Ravens podcast brought to you by Ebony Bird and Fansided. This episode is airing on the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast Network.

On the debut episode, Ebony Bird site Experts Chris Schisler and Joe Schiller join Jake McDonnell to talk about the Ravens. After a week of training camp, where do the guys stand on the team?

The first big topic revolves around one of the most polarizing figures in sports, Colin Kaepernick. Will he end up in Baltimore? Does the news about Kaepernick’s girlfriend lashing out at owner Steve Bisciotti change things?

The biggest positional concern for Baltimore appears to be the offensive line. Will the Ravens get by with what they have, or are they in trouble? Who could they target out on the market?

Finally, the guys spend some time discussing the Ravens defense. Can the unit carry then team?

Be sure to check out Ebony Bird, the official Baltimore Ravens website via Fansided. Follow Ebony Bird on Twitter too.

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