Welcome to the latest episode of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On today’s episode, WBAL Radio Host and Anchor, Brett Hollander, joins Jake McDonnell.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens opened up their 2017 season with a 20-0 rout over the Cincinnati Bengals. What did the Ravens do that impressed Brett? How will the Danny Woodhead injury impact Baltimore’s offense? What are the keys to beating the Cleveland Browns on Sunday? Football is back in Baltimore, hear Brett and Jake break all of this down.

The Ravens are not the only professional sports team in Baltimore that has hopes of making the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Orioles have lost six straight and must win a big chunk of their remaining games to even have a fighting chance at snagging a Wild Card spot. Where did the 2017 season go wrong? Why is Buck Showalter not giving players like Austin Hays and Chance Sisco some playing time? The O’s season is wrapping up, hear Brett’s assessment of where the team is heading.

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