Welcome to the latest episode of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On today’s show, Charm City Bird Watch reporter Vasilios Nikolaou joins owner Jake McDonnell for a half-hour of sports talk.

Topics covered:

  1. The Ravens’ 27-10 win over the Browns: praise for Sam Koch, questionable coaching decisions, turnovers
  2. Looking ahead at the Ravens’ remaining schedule, and comparing it to the other AFC Wild Card competition
  3. Saying goodbye to Marvin Lewis after 15 years – his last game as head coach of the Bengals will be in Baltimore
  4. Reaction to the crazy Jesse James no-touchdown call from the Patriots and Steelers game, and criticizing the silly rules of the NFL
  5. Breaking down the Manny Machado rumors: Should the Orioles try to work out a contract with Manny, or better the team’s farm system with a trade? With expiring contracts after the 2018 season, what will Duquette and Showalter’s level of motivation be?

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