Ravens expected to sign wide receiver John Brown

While the deal is not yet official, it has been reported that the Ravens have reached a deal with former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown.

This will mark the Ravens’ first dip into the free agency pond for the 2018 season. With many big names in the receiver market, like Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins, quickly finding new homes, the Ravens have had to look elsewhere a little faster than they may have expected.

Drafted in 2014, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season and has dealt with some injuries. Despite this, Brown has managed to be a solid contributor in his time on the field. In just five starts last season, Brown posted just under 300 yards on 21 catches.

His speed is considered his greatest asset and with the Ravens still very much in need of receivers, it’s hard to say Brown doesn’t fit. Free agency is just getting started but if the Ravens play their cards right and continue to build a receiving core, this deal could be looked back on very fondly.

Injuries will be a big concern though. Brown suffered from lingering hamstring problems in 2016 and then battled some back and toe issues in 2017. If he can stay healthy, Brown is certainly capable of putting up some great numbers, as seen in 2015 when he racked up over 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns in just 11 starts. Even his numbers in the past two injury-plagued seasons indicate that Brown makes the most of his time on the field. This looks like a low risk, high reward deal for the Ravens.

Image credit: Associated Press


3 thoughts on “Ravens expected to sign wide receiver John Brown

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