On Tuesday morning the Baltimore Ravens made their impending roster cuts a little easier by trading Kamalei Correa to the Tennessee Titans for a 2019 sixth-round draft pick.

The move comes just a few days before the teams final preseason game but with the addition of the Hall of Fame game, the Ravens must have felt they had seen enough already to make this move.

Correa found himself on the bubble after disappointing in his first two seasons as a Raven. He entered the 2018 preseason with a lot of competition and needed a strong showing to make the roster. In the Hall of Fame game against Chicago, Correa did just that. The linebacker posted five solo tackles, three sacks, and even came up with an interception. It was an outstanding performance from a player looking to reestablish himself.

As the preseason progressed, Correa didn’t exactly fade into the background. He recorded tackles and saw significant playing time in the next three games, but he was not particularity flashy.

Even with his breakout performance against the Bears, Correa remained one of those players on the bubble due to the amount of depth at outside linebacker. At the same time, the Ravens rightfully recognized that Correa had done enough to make himself valuable to another team. There is no sense in just cutting the guy and letting a team scoop him up a few days later. Even if you are comfortable giving him up, you might as well get something back for a player you previously used a second round pick on.

Image credit: Fansided.com