UPDATE: Orioles have not talked to Showalter or Duquette about their futures

BALTIMORE — Last week, we passed along a Tweet from USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale that said the Orioles plan on dismissing manager Buck Showalter and retaining general manager Dan Duquette after the 2018 season ends. Well, that story may have changed or might not hold any truth. On Friday, a Tweet from ESPN‘s Jerry Crasnick surfaced and told us that the Orioles’ offseason does not look as clear as we thought it did.

Obviously, this is not a good sign. If the above is true, the Orioles are waiting until the last second to make two very important decisions that could shape the franchise for years to come. It’s no secret that a large chunk of the Orioles’ fanbase is frustrated and disconnected from the team after what will be the worst season in team history. A detailed, well-thought-out plan should have been agreed upon already to start shifting the Orioles in the right direction, but now it seems like there’s nothing set in stone.

This is a perfect example of not believing anything you see on the internet until the moves the Orioles make become official and public. Even though Crasnick’s Tweet came a week later than Nightengale’s, Nightengale’s words could end up being the more accurate Tweet. Teams don’t often reveal intricate plans until the season is over, so Orioles representatives could be sending mixed signals out to reporters to not show their cards. However, based on how the Orioles have operated in the past, it’s plausible to suspect that the Angelos family doesn’t have a plan yet.

After tomorrow’s 3:05 pm season finale against the Houston Astros at Camden Yards, the pressure is on the Orioles to make the call on the team’s manager and general manager. This decision needs to happen quickly. Announcements need to be made, and the fanbase needs to know what the future holds for the Orioles.

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Additional articles on this story will be written as the details come out.

Image Credit: ESPN


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