Orioles reportedly planning to move on from Dan Duquette

The Orioles abysmal 2018 season ended this past Sunday with a cathartic victory over the Houston Astros. As Baltimore honored Adam Jones while picking up a 4-0 win, they also officially ended the worst season in franchise history.

With that behind them, the team’s focus quickly shifts to the offseason. The Orioles will be looking to build on their 2018 trade deadline moves as they continue to gear up for a big rebuild effort. The two biggest points of focus in this offseason have been the expiring contracts for Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter. On Wednesday it was reported that the Orioles would not be making an effort to retain either of them.

Both Showalter and Duquette helped bring winning baseball back to Baltimore but their time is officially up as the team looks to start from scratch in the coming years. While these reports of Duquette and Showalter’s dismissal surfaced pretty quickly, it’s probably safe to say things will quiet down for the reminder of the playoffs and then heat up again when the offseason calendar officially begins.

There are currently no rumors surrounding who might replace Duquette or Showalter. The only piece of information we have occurred a few months ago when the Orioles interviewed former Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti. It was unclear what position Colletti was specifically interviewing for, but his name could surface again in the coming weeks.

Image credit: Associated Press


3 thoughts on “Orioles reportedly planning to move on from Dan Duquette

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