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Welcome to Episode 60 of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast with Jake McDonnellNolan McGraw, and Ian Schultz.

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It’s been three weeks since we talked some Ravens football, and with training camp set to begin on July 25, we’ve got an hour of football discussion for you. This week, we shared our thoughts and opinions on the 2019 Ravens offense (2:39 SoundCloud, 3:09 other). The three of us broke the Baltimore offense down by position with a week before the first full team practice.

Segment timestamps are the following:

  • Quarterbacks: 4:34 SoundCloud, 5:04 other
  • Running backs: 16:13 SoundCloud, 16:43 other
  • Wide receivers: 24:40 SoundCloud, 25:10 other
  • Tight ends: 36:57 SoundCloud, 37:27 other
  • Offensive line: 44:48 SoundCloud, 45:18 other

Next week on Episode 61, we’ll dissect the 2019 Ravens defense and special teams units.

Up next, it’s time for another guest interview monitored by Jake (57:08 SoundCloud, 57:38 other). Jeremy Conn, co-host of Scott & Jeremy weekdays 2-6 pm on 105.7 The Fan, is this week’s victim. Jeremy and Jake dive into the Andrew Cashner trade and where the Orioles stand in the first year of their rebuild. Jeremy also dives into his passion for fantasy sports and his long journey in the sports talk radio industry.

After Jeremy’s Charm City Bird Watch spotlight concludes, Nolan and Ian jump back in to react to the Cashner deal (1:17:54 SoundCloud, 1:18:24 other). And don’t worry guys, after a one-week hiatus Players & Stinkers of the week makes an anticipated return (1:26:44 SoundCloud, 1:27:14 other).

As always, the podcast wraps up with our weekly numbers segment, where Jake quizzes Nolan and Ian to see if they can correctly guess the best Baltimore Sports athletes who wore #60 (1:34:59 SoundCloud / 1:35:29 other). 

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