Welcome to Episode 61 of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast with Jake McDonnellNolan McGraw, and Ian Schultz.

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After taking a deep dive into the Ravens offense on episode 60, we had to dedicate this week’s episode to the defense and special teams. We went through each position group and detailed the key players we think will make a big impact as well as some of the potential roster battles that could be taking place as training camp gets underway.

Segment timestamps are the following:

  • Defensive line: 3:45 SoundCloud, 4:15 other
  • Middle linebackers: 9:23 SoundCloud, 9:53 other
  • Outside Linebackers: 15:50 SoundCloud, 16:20 other
  • Cornerbacks: 24:10 SoundCloud, 24:40 other
  • Safeties: 33:25 SoundCloud, 33:55 other
  • Special Teams: 39:00 SoundCloud, 39:30 other

After a lengthy discussion on the Ravens defense we took a brief moment to talk about the Orioles. After trading Andrew Cashner the Orioles stayed relatively quiet this past week. That appears to be the norm around baseball right now with the stove still heating up as the trade deadline approaches. Despite the lack of trade news we had plenty to discuss with our weekly players and stinkers of the week segment (43:05).

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Image Credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images