Welcome to Episode 71 of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast with Jake McDonnellNolan McGraw, and Ian Schultz.

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The 2019 Orioles season finally came to an end this past weekend and to celebrate we decided to go through our end of season awards for the team. The categories include team MVP, best pitcher, breakout player, & most disappointing player. (2:10 SoundCloud, 2:40 other).

After putting a bow on the 2019 O’s season we moved on to the Ravens. This week the Ravens defense embarrassed themselves with a terrible defensive performance against the Cleveland Browns and there was plenty of blame to spread around (28:35 Soundcloud, 29:05 other).

The problems seemed to continue after the game ended as Earl Thomas and Brandon Williams allegedly got into a heated argument in the locker room (32:45 Soundcloud, 33:15 other).

One of the few highlights of the day was Marlon Humphrey shutting down Odell Beckham Jr. in coverage and pinning him to the ground in a fight (52:20 Soundcloud, 52:50 other).

To help prepare for the upcoming game against the Steelers we welcomed on a guest to break down the matchup with us. This week Jake talked to Simon Chester from Pro Football Focus to get his thoughts on the Steelers season so far and the upcoming rivalry game against Baltimore (1:01:30 Soundcloud, 1:02:00 other).

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Image Credit: Baltimore Sun