Welcome to Episode 78 of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast with Jake McDonnellNolan McGraw, and Ian Schultz.

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With the Ravens currently on their longest winning streak since the 2000 season, we started off the show with a thorough recap of the Ravens dominant 41-7 victory over the Houston Texans (8:09, 8:39). After the postgame takes are shared, we reveal our nominations for Who’s Trending (27:57, 28:27) and look ahead to the Ravens Week 12 test on Monday Night Football in Los Angeles against the Rams (39:37, 40:07) .

Up next is our weekly ‘Ice Cream with the Enemy’ segment with Skyler Burkhardt of DownTown Rams and the Pylon-To-Pylon Podcast (48:04, 48:34). Skyler and Jake talk about the Marcus Peters / Kenny Young trade, the addition of Jalen Ramsey to the Rams defense, matchups to watch for on Monday Night, and more. Skyler also reveals his game pick and tells you where to find his work.

After Skyler exits the Ice Cream parlor, Nolan and Ian jump back in to talk about yet another 3-0 start for Mark Turgeon’s Terps (59:18, 59:48). You’ll also hear some thoughts on the suddenly evil Houston Astros and their cheating ways (1:08:24, 1:08:54).

As always, the end of the show features our weekly numbers segment where Jake quizzes Nolan and Ian to see if they can remember the best Baltimore Sports athletes who wore #78 (1:15:25, 1:15:55).

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Image Credit: Baltimore Sun