Welcome to Episode 85 of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast with Nolan McGraw and Ian Schultz.

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This week we kicked things off by discussing the AFC & NFC championship games (3:15 SoundCloud, 3:45 other). One was more exciting than the other but there was still plenty to take away from each game. We went into Patrick Mahomes insane performance in Kansas City as well as Raheem Mostert’s big game in San Francisco. Stay tuned for our Super Bowl predictions next week.

It still hurts to think about it, but the Ravens will not be playing in the Super Bowl this year. That means the last time we get to see them in action until next season is this Sunday in the Pro Bowl. There are plenty of reasons not to be excited about the Pro Bowl but maybe you can find enjoyment in the all the Ravens players and coaches who will be participating in the game (24:40 SoundCloud, 25:10 other).

For the casual fan, the Pro Bowl also brings the excitement of some potential rule changes. We dove into the NFL’s weird plan to potentially eliminate onside kicks and what that could look like in a real meaningful game (27:15 SoundCloud, 27:45 other).

We then jumped into all of the action that the Maryland Terps have seen over the past week. We are thankful to be talking about a pair of wins and not another disappointing road loss. We have plenty of thoughts on Maryland’s wins over Purdue and Northwestern as well as the breakout performances by Jalen Smith and Aaron Wiggins (32:20 SoundCloud, 32:50 other).

Before wrapping up the show we briefly went over the Orioles planned event that will take the place of fan fest. We were not impressed with their last idea but this time around things seem more planned out and enjoyable for all fans (49:50 SoundCloud, 50:20 other).

As always the show ends with our numbers segment. This week we highlighted a handful of tight ends that wore the number 86 for the Ravens 53:20 SoundCloud, 53:50 other).

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Image credit: Baltimore Sun