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Welcome to the official Charm City Bird Watch Store. We’re excited to launch a new merchandise campaign for our website/podcast consumers. The first phase of the campaign includes a number of clothing options, for both men and women. We are using Teespring to make these products.

Below, we’ve laid out the pricing for all clothing options with pictures. To buy clothing, simply click the link to their the white/gray listing or the black listing. You’ll be redirected to the listing on Teespring, where you can select the item(s) you want and check out.

Thank you for supporting Charm City Bird Watch!

White/Gray Apparel

Black Apparel  


  • T-Shirts (White, Gray, Black): $19.99
  • Women’s T-Shirt (White, Black): $21.99
  • Long Sleeve Shirt (White, Gray, Black): $27.99
  • Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt (White, Gray, Black): $31.99
  • Hoodie (White, Gray, Black): $39.99
  • Coffee Mugs (White, Gray, Black) – $14.99
  • Phone Cases (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy models – White, Gray, Black) – $19.99













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