PODCAST: Philadelphia Eagles roundtable special: Takes from media & fans alike

Throughout the entire 2017 NFL season, one team has dominated the league all season long, and that is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Being a senior at Bloomsburg University, I’ve clearly noticed that the bulk of the student population proudly calls themselves Eagles fans. Over the past four years, I have spent most of my time associating with Eagles fans. Being a mass comm major, I haveI met people that have gone on to work in Philadelphia Sports media, while others look to break into the industry. Some aren’t even going into sports media, but share the same passion for the Eagles.

Since the Eagles’ 2017 season has been nothing short of incredible, and because so many of my college colleagues follow the Eagles, I thought I could compile several opinions into one podcast. I interviewed seven people that either cover the Eagles, look to cover the Eagles in the future, or follow the team as a fan. Each individual was asked the same questions. The result is a near 50-minute podcast that brings together a handful of thoughts from multiple perspectives.


  1. Jack Fritz – BU class of 2016 – Producer at 94.1 WIP – Founder of Philly Fan Life
  2. Tim Kelly – Senior at Bloomsburg University – Managing Phillies Editor, Eagles & 76’ers Columnist at Sports Talk Philly 
  3. Matt Loch – Senior at Bloomsburg University – President of BU’s Chapter of NBS AERho
  4. Enrico Connors – Senior at Bloomsburg University studying Business & Marketing 
  5. Jimmie Brown – Senior at Bloomsburg University, on exec-board for BU’s NBS chapter 
  6. Dean Turner – Senior at Bloomsburg University – Sports Editor at BUnow 
  7. Evin Hartsock – Senior at Bloomsburg University – Managing Editor at The Voice


  1. Take the Carson Wentz injury out of your memory for just a minute. What has it been like watching the Eagles dominate all season long?
    • Hartsock: 7:43
    • Turner: 8:11
    • Brown: 8:46
    • Connors: 9:23
    • Loch: 11:01
    • Kelly: 12:09
    • Fritz: 13:29
  2. Take me through the moment you saw Wentz going to the locker room. What was your reaction then, and what was your reaction when you learned the severity of his injury?
    • Loch: 14:40
    • Connors: 16:44
    • Fritz: 18:01
    • Hartsock: 20:20
    • Kelly: 21:02
    • Turner: 22:19
    • Brown: 23:09
  3. What do the Eagles have in Wentz?
    • Connors: 23:39
    • Hartsock: 24:27
    • Brown: 25:00
    • Kelly: 25:27
    • Turner: 26:41
    • Loch: 27:29
    • Fritz: 29:00
  4. With Nick Foles leading the way now, what are your expectations of the Eagles in the postseason?
    • Brown: 30:24
    • Fritz: 31:05
    • Kelly: 32:35
    • Loch: 33:25
    • Turner: 34:25
    • Hartsock: 35:11
    • Connors: 36:01
  5. Opinions on the Manny Machado rumors from this week’s MLB Winter Meetings: Can the Phillies land Machado, and if they do, do you think they would do it via trade or a long-term deal?
    • Kelly: 38:10
    • Fritz: 40:17
    • Loch: 42:03
    • Connors: 42:55
    • Brown: 44:23

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Book Review: Broadcaster White reflects on two decades of Ravens football

Charm City Bird Watch founder Jake McDonnell recently had the chance to review Ravens Broadcaster Stan White’s first book, If These Walls Could Talk: Stories from the Baltimore Ravens Sideline, Locker Room, and Pressbox.

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Podcast: Nolan and Jake talk about the future of the Ravens following brutal loss to Bears

Welcome to the latest episode of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On tonight’s episode, Nolan McGraw and Jake McDonnell recap what was a brutal loss for the Baltimore Ravens; a 27-24 overtime defeat to the Chicago Bears.

Whether it was the turnovers, a lack of explosion/urgency on offense, or poor run defense, the Bears were the better team on Sunday. What went wrong? After such an inspiring performance on the road last week against the Raiders, why did the Ravens fall flat? The guys give their input.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the Ravens’ shaky 3-3 start, but who deserves most of the blame? Is it Joe Flacco? John Harbaugh and the coaching staff? Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens’ brass? Hear what Jake and Nolan think.

Sunday marked another example of an attendance problem at M&T Bank Stadium. What is causing the increased amount of empty chairs? Is there a solution to get more butts in seats?

Three of the Ravens’ next four games take place on the road, but the opponents are not forbidding. Can the Ravens turn things around, or will they continue their downward spiral? All of this and more on tonight’s episode.

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Podcast: Brett Hollander – WBAL Radio Host & Anchor

Welcome to the latest episode of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On today’s episode, WBAL Radio Host and Anchor, Brett Hollander, joins Jake McDonnell.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens opened up their 2017 season with a 20-0 rout over the Cincinnati Bengals. What did the Ravens do that impressed Brett? How will the Danny Woodhead injury impact Baltimore’s offense? What are the keys to beating the Cleveland Browns on Sunday? Football is back in Baltimore, hear Brett and Jake break all of this down.

The Ravens are not the only professional sports team in Baltimore that has hopes of making the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Orioles have lost six straight and must win a big chunk of their remaining games to even have a fighting chance at snagging a Wild Card spot. Where did the 2017 season go wrong? Why is Buck Showalter not giving players like Austin Hays and Chance Sisco some playing time? The O’s season is wrapping up, hear Brett’s assessment of where the team is heading.

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Podcast: Lead Fantasy Analyst Tyler Feeser discusses week 1 fantasy outlook

Welcome to another episode of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On today’s episode, our lead fantasy analyst Tyler Feeser joins Jake McDonnell for an hour-long football talk.

With the season kicking off this Thursday, drafts are wrapping up. How did the guys think their drafts went? Did Tyler and Jake draft the same players multiple times for different teams? How many leagues are they playing in?

After the talk about each other’s fantasy teams, the two went game-by-game and broke down the fantasy tid-bits. What are some things to keep in mind as you set your fantasy lineup for week 1? Are there any players that you should be starting (or benching) this week? You may win your matchup this week if you listen.

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Podcast: Purple Painted Roundtable Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of Purple-Painted Roundtable, a Baltimore Ravens podcast brought to you by Ebony Bird and Fansided.

On this episode, Chris Schisler, Joe Schiller and Jake McDonnell break down the Ravens’ 23-3 win over the Redskins in the preseason opener. What players impressed? Which players need to improve?

Unfortunately, following the Redskins game, the Ravens lost both Alex Lewis and Tim white for the season due to injuries. How significant are these injuries? How do the guard and receiver positions shape up without Lewis and White? The guys discuss.

The episode continues with a thorough analysis of both the running back and receiver positions. In this segment, Chris, Joe, and Jake give their lists of which backs and wideouts make the 53-man roster.

Finally, the Ebony Bird gang take a look at the second preseason game against the Dolphins. What are the top storylines heading into the game? What should Ravens fans keep an eye on? Listen and find out.

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Podcast: Baltimore Ravens Staff Writer Ryan Mink

Welcome to the latest edition of the Charm City Bird Watch Podcast! On Today’s episode, Baltimore Ravens staff writer Ryan Mink joins Jake McDonnell to talk about the Ravens.

Following Baltimore’s 23-3 preseason-opening win against the Redskins, what impressed Mink? Are key offensive players like Joe Flacco and Breshad Perriman close to returning to practice?

One of the biggest question marks surrounding the Ravens is the offensive line. With James Hurst in line for a starting job, hear Mink passionately defend Hurst, who has been heavily scrutinized during his time with the Ravens. Mink also gives his take on if the Ravens will make another move on the offensive line before the regular season.

On Thursday, the Ravens face the Miami Dolphins in their second preseason game. Mink will be there, and tells us what to expect on Thursday.

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